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We're determined to help vulnerable children in South Africa for as long as we are needed, building more opportunities for them to realise their potential and create a better future. We know that it is a sensitive matter, but a legacy is a donation that almost everyone can make. Leaving a legacy to the Bishop Simeon Trust or making a tribute in memory of a loved one is a wonderful way of helping us to support some of the most vulnerable children in South Africa. 

It is with all of this in mind that we are pleased to offer a new service to our supporters in the form of our partnership with the UK-based free will-writing service, Bequeathed. Bequeathed give guidance and help when writing your will, either for the first time or when you need to review or update a current will.  

The planning and thought process behind will writing is often overwhelming, so we hope that this structured and flexible three step approach, supported by UK solicitors, will offer practical help to anyone considering making a will.  

Step 1 - Complete the on line interview the questions on the form help you to think about the areas you need to focus on and then gather all the information required to make your Will. Once you have all of your information at hand then this takes about 20 minutes and there is on line help from the bequeathed team should you need it.

Step 2 - Get advice from an accredited law firm – when you have completed the on line interview form Bequeathed will arrange for a 30 minute appointment with a legal firm to discuss your situation, your wishes, and confirm that the Will caters for your needs. This advice can be by telephone, video call or in person at their office.

Step 3 - Sign your Will with witnesses  After your appointment, the legal firm will post your free Will which needs signing in front of witnesses and returning. They will check it has been executed correctly and securely store it for you.

During this process, once your loved ones are catered for, we hope that you might consider leaving a legacy to the Trust – not just a gift, but a promise to transform the lives of generations to come. 

Just click here or on the Bequeathed logo to find out more. Thank you.