Our Partners

We know that we can't do our work on our own.

We’re committed to partnership with people in South Africa who know and understand the needs of their communities better than we ever could, as well as others outside South Africa who have expertise to help improve what we do and share the learning.

It is important to note that we don’t intend to help our South African partners forever, our support is designed to help them build on what they know to provide sustainable services for vulnerable children that meet national standards and can persist without us. They are remarkable people and we learn from them all the time! 

Our Historic Partners

The Bishop Simeon Trust has been supporting local community-based organisations in South Africa for more than 30 years. Below are details of some of those local partners that we have previously worked with over that time. 

Our Funding Partners

We receive major donations from many institutions, trusts and foundations within the UK as well as the vital contributions from individual supporters, churches and organisations. Thank you for supporting the work of Bishop Simeon Trust, we cannot do our work without you. 

A and E Education Trust
Allan & Nesta Ferguson CT
Bradley Family Charitable Foundation
Buckland Trust
Comic Relief
Eleanor Rathbone Charitable Trust
Global Challenges Research Fund
Haramead Trust
Peter Stebbings Memorial Charity
Skingsley Family Trust
SMB Trust
St. James's Place Charitable Foundation
Wright Family Trust