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We're sure that you have lots of questions about this amazing charity LEJOG challenge and hopefully this page should answer most of them.  If you have any more that we haven't thought of, please do get in touch

Who can take part?

People from all walks of life and of all ages have completed The Race Against Time. Anyone over 20 years of age is welcome to take part as long as you are fit and healthy enough to take the challenge. Our cyclists tend to be older, as the event requires so much mental stamina. The oldest to complete the ride is 70, and the youngest 21.

Am I fit enough? 

The Race Against Time is a tough endurance challenge, and you will need to train and prepare thoroughly. We can give you support in this. It should be possible to reach the required level of fitness with 4 to 5 months of training. Please note that about 2-3 months before the ride, you should be able to cycle at an average of 15/16mph for a day, and/or complete 100 miles in about six hours.

How much do I need to raise?

The fundraising total is £1800 per rider with a non refundable deposit of £300 when you sign up to TRAT. 

How will I be able to raise the sponsorship money?

Raising money can be a daunting task but all our veterans have reached the sponsorship level, and have often raised even more. When you register we will send you a fundraising pack full of information and ideas. Here are a few ideas that past cyclists have used: a non stop spin on a trainer bike in the foyer of their gym/local supermarket, collecting at a village fete, pound for pound matching by employers, a quiz at the local pub. The possibilities are endless and once you start you will be surprised at how generous people are.

What kind of support is there on the ride?

There will be at least two vehicles accompanying the ride and five support team members. The Race Director and one other drive the van, which gives continuous support to riders during the day. The Race Organiser and two others drive the minibus, which goes ahead and sorts out cooking at the lunch and night stops.

Will I have to carry my kit?

No, the support team do this for you. The van carries spare bikes, kit, water, energy drinks, snacks and your day bag. The minibus carries your overnight luggage.

Where will we stay? 

The accommodation on The Race Against Time is basic to save on costs but comfortable. We stay in hostels, university campuses and one hotel.

What food will be provided?

The Race Against Time includes 3 full meals a day during the event itself. Water and snacks will be on hand in the van throughout the day. Most riders like to bring their own supplies of energy/recovery drinks, bars/gels, depending on their personal preference. If you have special dietary requirements (eg allergies,vegetarianism) we can provide for this. There is a space on the medical form for these details. On the journey to the start and from the finish, you will be expected to pay for your own meals.

Do I need insurance?

No. Individual accident and third party insurance will be provided. We do not cover loss of or damage to bicycles however, so please make sure you arrange this yourself.

How will I get down to Lands End and back from John O Groats?

We stay overnight near Lands End the night before the event begins. The vehicles drive from the South East down to Lands End on the Saturday. If you are on this route, we may be able to pick you up. Alternatively you can travel to the overnight stop at Lands End directly the day before or join the vehicles in the South East. We can make limited stop-offs en route on the way back, but not long detours so it is best to arrange for family or friends to meet you somewhere on the route. If you wish, you may stay on in Scotland after the event; so long as you let us know what your requirements are. We stay near the Lake District on our return journey and will need to know numbers for accommodation

What is the route?

This has been the route in previous years although TRAT have the right to alter the route accordingly each year.

    Day 1 - Land's End to Taunton (155 miles)

    Day 2 - Taunton to Telford (152 miles)

    Day 3 - Telford to Kendal (136 miles)

    Day 4 - Kendal to Edinburgh (141 miles)

    Day 5 - Edinburgh to Inverness (156 miles)

    Day 6 - Inverness to John O'Groats (120 miles)

If you have any more questions about The Race Against Time that are not answered here please contact the Race Organiser on 0845 430 1214 or get in touch


How you can help?

If you would like to support BSTrust there are a number of ways to do so:

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