Our Partners

Our partners

One Child, One Family: Hope & Homes for Children South Africa

In South Africa we deliver support to vulnerable children and our community partners via a partnership with One Child, One Family: Hope & Homes for Children South Africa. Our collaboration is part of a broader approach that we are developing to provide a holistic service for those children with the greatest needs, assuring that they have love and support where and when they need it. Together we are also beginning to challenge and inform the development of better national policy in South Africa which will help transform the lives of thousands of children beyond those that we can reach ourselves. The team in South Africa bring huge experience, skill and passion to our work. 

Yvonne Manhovo
Child Protection and Advocacy Lead. Yvonne has great experience in child protection and child participation as well as advocacy for child protection rights. 

Thato Moeng
Youth Participation Lead: Thato leads on youth participation, as well being an actor, writer and director. After graduating from the Market Theatre Lab he has taught youth drama and used Forum Theatre to challenge drugs and alcohol abuse in communities. He has appeared in plays across South Africa, as well as two films shown on national television. 

Pheko Raphiri
Social Auxiliary Worker: Pheko has extensive community engagement and a development work experience central to Community Based Organisations and child  protection with a focus on prevention and early intervention. 

Centre for World Cinemas and Digital Cultures, University of Leeds

University of Leeds

We have been working with the Centre since 2015, developing a new approach to using community film making as a means of helping children and their communities explore their heritage and the priority issues that they face in their lives. Our work with the centre has developed into a series of international projects that is seeing this work being taken to countries from Colombia to Cambodia - take a look at the Changing The Story website to find out more.

This action research has been integrated within our Peer Education Programme and is now helping vulnerable children to confront the problems they face, identify possible solutions and share these with their Peers as well as those who create public policy designed to help them achieve their full potential in life. This is helping us to help vulnerable children to look at HIV/AIDS, crime, drug abuse, child sexual exploitation, xenophobia and the issues around undocumented children in their communities. We continue to work together to develop this fascinating and impactful work, with the intent to share practice so that other vulnerable children and people in acute need can benefit from our work together. 

Trusts and Foundations

We receive major donations from many trusts and foundations within the UK as well as the vital contributions from individual supporters, churches and organisations. Thank you for supporting the work of Bishop Simeon Trust, we cannot do our work without you:

Comic Relief | Peter Stebbings Memorial Trust |The Buckland Trust

A & E Education Trust  | Global Challenges Research Fund

St James's Place Charitable FoundationSouter Charitable Trust 

The Allan & Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust

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