Our vision is a South Africa where all people benefit equally from the fruits of democracy and where poverty and HIV/AIDS do not prevent people from achieving their full potential in life.

Effective Local Charity Work in South Africa – A Model that works

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The effects of living in poverty are obvious and cruel: poor health, poor education, inadequate housing, disease and social injustice. Life becomes all about survival. But it is the underlying causes of poverty which are far more complex and diverse and therefore harder to tackle. These need a long term approach and investment to see people changing their circumstances and accessing a way out of poverty.

The UN estimates that over half of South African’s children live in poverty. One of the reasons for this is the levels of HIV/AIDs in the country. It is reported that South Africa has the highest levels of HIV/AIDS in the world with nearly 20% of the adult population infected and leaving 1 in 5 children without their parents.

The Bishop Simeon Trust believes that we need to tackle the effects of poverty and HIV/AIDS from two different angles. Firstly, our local community work needs to help with the immediate effects of poverty through the development of Safe Parks to support those living with HIV/AIDS  and vulnerable children effected by the epidemic. But we also work to to deal with the underlying causes of poverty to empower individuals through education, training and development.

The Bishop Simeon Trust's Safe Parks Programme is an effective method of tackling the local effects of poverty and HIV/AIDS.  This builds on sustainable national initiatives, helping communitues to develop and influence services for themselves. It is through our community partners that we can hear the voice of local communities, understand their needs and develop programmes which empower, equip and educate them to choose their own way out of poverty. Our programmes include HIV/AIDS care, Safe Parks for Vulnerable children, Advocacy and Training.

HIV/AIDS works

Hiv/ Aids children

South Africa has one of the highest levels of HIV/AIDS in the world. What are the effects of HIV/AIDs on families and those left behind? Find out what the Bishop Simeon Trust is doing to tackle these issues and help those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Safe Park Programme

OVC programmes

Close to 1 in 5 children in South Africa live without either parent, 122 000 children live in child-headed households.  Children bear the most acute impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The Safe Park Programme enables these children to fight for a future which isn’t dictated by their current circumstances.


Empowerment through Education

It is the right of young children to have their opinion heard and taken seriously by the adults, leaders and policy makers who create services which are supposed to address their needs. We support children to claim this right and have their voice heard within their communities, building their confidence and ability to shape their own future. 

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