Working together in 2018

Posted by Martin Keat

We are a children of the earth before we can be categorised by society and its various divisions. Everyone grows up differently based on their background, culture, immediate influences etc. As a result, we all have our own unique views and experiences of the same event. Which is why we have multiple Safe Parks that focus on catering for children with similar needs, although the reasoning differs from one child to the next.

A celebration day was planned, when all collaborations came to fruition. Four Safe Parks worked together including our collaboration with the University of Leeds and our partner organisation, Themba Interactive. Working together with a mission to reach, to empower the youth of South Africa. And with that said, over 60 different individuals worked together to make a Safe Park event a success.

From creating storylines based on social issues in their communities and making films, it was time for the Youth Committees to stretch their abilities to accomplish bigger goals.

And so they did something bigger, the four Safe Parks planned an event themed; Unity is Divine. This was an event that invited other Safe Parks and hosted over a 100 attendees.

Not realising how impactful and the greatness that they formed, these young people could only focus on the tasks at hand and ensuring that everything went accordingly without a single dull moment in their execution.

It was wonderful to witness the young people taking their responsibilities seriously, we can definitely say that our beneficiaries were in charge. Although it was not all smooth sailing, we could see out the hosts anxiously preparing for the next item on their program, everything worked out well.

An event filled with dance, acting, poetry and music turned out to be a real  success. The event was 3 hours long and worthy of people's time, a perfect African celebration. 

Unity sure is Divine. When
there is a common goal, difference can be a recipe for greatness.


  written by Lerato Mofokeng



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A big part of our work here at the Bishop Simeon trust is committed to assuring that children and young adults in South Africa are able to challenge and conquer those obstacles in their lives that prevent them from accessing education and assuring that they can  make the most of the potential they possess to thrive and build a positive future.