Shh - Sponsored silence

Posted by Martin Keat

Ssh - Silence Please!


Do you remember the days when a sponsored silence was a great way of raising money?  That and keeping the children quiet for a while!  Well, we thought we would try one again - but this time for adults and children. 

The work of our Childcare Advocates (CCA's) in South Africa is amazing.  They work tirelessly for the orphans and vulnerable children within the projects they work helping to speak up for these children that are so easily forgotten and not heard.  See a video of CCA Emmah here

We want to speak up for these children through the work of our CCA's to empower them - show them their rights and give them opportunities which they would miss out on.  These children are often missed by society because no one hears them - but through the work of our CCA's we are listening to them.



We would like you to join with us in remembering these children who don't have a voice and raise money for the work of the CCA's through a sponsored silence.  25 hour silence to celebrate our 25th Anniversary year on the 27th April 2014 when the world remembers 20 years of democracy for South Africa.


27th April 2014: 25 hour sponsored silence

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A big part of our work here at the Bishop Simeon trust is committed to assuring that children and young adults in South Africa are able to challenge and conquer those obstacles in their lives that prevent them from accessing education and assuring that they can  make the most of the potential they possess to thrive and build a positive future.