Mike's London Marathon bid for the Bishop Simeon Trust

Posted by Martin Keat

On Sunday 28th April Mike Plowman, Chair of the Berkhamsted Cycling Club, will run his first London Marathon to raise £1,000 for the Bishop Simeon Trust.

“I’m running to raise funds for the Bishop Simeon Trust because I think that they do brilliant work supporting those children that need help most, as well as tackling the causes of poverty and AIDS.”

“I think the atmosphere will be fabulous and look forward to the crowds helping me round. The best possible support would be for people to donate! I’m keen to smash my target, anyone wanting to help can text BST15 to 70085 to donate £15 to this great charity.”

You can also support Mike by giving via his fundraising page: Sponsor Mike by clicking here!

“I have only run one marathon before and that was back in 1983, so here I go again 36 years later! If there was a reason why I haven’t done a second one, then I have forgotten it!”

“I’ve been doing a mixture of training as I cycle a lot with Berkhamsted Cycling Club, squeezing in at least three long runs a week alongside that. I completed the Berkhamsted half marathon the other week which was great preparation.”

Mike finds the prospect of the London Marathon a daunting one and hopes that his legs can take the strain! We asked Mike if he thought that he would run another marathon after this one. “I don’t really know how I feel about doing another. Maybe I should leave it another 36 years and consider it then – I’ll only be 93!”

Mike is married to Sue and is father of Jacqueline and Jennifer. He is the Director of a Berkhamsted based learning & development consultancy.

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A big part of our work here at the Bishop Simeon trust is committed to assuring that children and young adults in South Africa are able to challenge and conquer those obstacles in their lives that prevent them from accessing education and assuring that they can  make the most of the potential they possess to thrive and build a positive future.