Empowering Youths in the East Rand, Johannesburg

Posted by Martin Keat

The #ChangingTheStory team spent 3 weeks working with youths from the Boniswe Field Project in Magagula Heights, and the Repheleng Care Centre in KwaThema, to establish youth committees in these community-organisations. By supporting the establishment of these youth committees, it is our aim that we will be able to aide them in advocating for their needs within their own communities. During our first three weeks with them, they shared with us a wide range of issues that are prevalent in their community. These dominant narratives are things that the youths want to challenge. The following films were created, from start to finish, by these youths, as they sought to address the most pressing issues in their communities. 

One of the stories that the youths from this group wanted to tell, was about the issue of xenophobia. The youths from the Bonisiwe Field Project in Magagula heights felt that xenophobia is common in their community. However they also strongly felt that there are two sides to this story, so they wanted to represent this in their film. This is their take on xenophobia in South Africa.

You can watch the video on our YouTube Channel HERE

We will be sharing the other videos crated by this fantastic group of young people in the coming weeks.

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A big part of our work here at the Bishop Simeon trust is committed to assuring that children and young adults in South Africa are able to challenge and conquer those obstacles in their lives that prevent them from accessing education and assuring that they can  make the most of the potential they possess to thrive and build a positive future.